Our flagship products

Discover our renowned Shibori scarf - much more than just a scarf.

The Shibori scarf has been the favored choice of our clientele for over 10 years. It now enjoys a well-established reputation.

Shibori scarf - Position n°1

You can even wear it indoors!

Its 3-point attachment system allows you to embrace three styles in one. Position n°1 is perfect for allowing the neck to breathe. The scarf wears very well in this manner, even indoors. Feel free to wear it, for instance, over a dress.

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Shibori scarf - Position n°2

Perfect for the cool temperatures of autumn.

Position n°2 is ideal as soon as the outdoor temperature becomes a bit colder. I like wearing it this way on autumn evenings, near a fire, for example.

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Shibori scarf - Position n°3

Ready to face the harsh winter cold.

Anticipating a drop in temperature? You can rely on your Shibori scarf in position n°3 to bundle up. Enjoy a scarf that will keep you warm while allowing your skin to breathe, thanks to its 100% pure wool.

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More than 20 colors to choose from!

We love colors, we love originality. That's why our flagship products are available in over 20 vibrant shades.. We assure you'll discover the perfect hue to complement your outfit.

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Our unique creations

At Folilaine, we not only have our flagship products but also unique pieces. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation handmade by France. She allows her imagination and the inspiration of the moment to craft works that are both bold and elegant.

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Who is behind Folilaine ?

Hello, my name is France Arsenault, the creator and designer behind Folilaine. My love for wool and craftsmanship began nearly 25 years ago. Among all materials, it's wool that truly captivated me. I've always been fascinated by its multiple properties: warmth, softness, lightness, and breathability. These are characteristics I sought for my autumn and winter clothing, as my skin breathes in woolen garments! However, I couldn't find elegant and vibrant woolen clothing. So, I began creating my own garments, and soon, people around me wanted them too. That's when Folilaine was born! Today, Folilaine is still Bruno and me. We remain just as passionate about wool 25 years later, and above all, we aim to bring the perfect blend of style, elegance, and practicality to our creations.

  • Elegant🌟

    The nobility of wool combined with our know-how and you will find elegance, Folilaine.

  • Unique💫

    Each creation at Folilaine is first made with the heart before being made by hand.

  • Wide variety✨

    With our wide variety of colors, you will always be able to find the perfect match for your outfit.